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Artwork Submission Guide

We take a lot of pride in the labels we create. Help us to make your labels look their very best. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at


Using Canva? Check out our Canva guide

Check Your Files Before Submitting 

  • Be sure the text is easy to read!

  • Make sure all information is correct!

  • Make sure there are no typos!

  • Images are sharp and meet our resolution minimum. 

Resolution: For best quality prints make sure all elements are set to 300 dpi (unless otherwise stated). Images taken from the web typically are only 72 dpi, which we consider to be low-resolution, these can result in blurry prints.

How to Prepare Print-Ready Files for Kansas Labels

Bleed Line

Create a bleed line and make sure all background elements extend to the bleed line.


Die Line 

This is the actual product size and we will trim along this area to its final size. 


Safety Line

Depending on your design software you might have to set up your own safety lines, we recommend at least a .25 inch margin from the trim line. Keep text and images within this line. Anything outside this area might get trimmed off.

Acceptable File Formats 

At Kansas Labels we recommend submitting either a PDF or JPG, however, we can accept these additional file types: EPS, AI, PSD, PNG. 

Convert To CMYK 

It is important that you convert your files to CMYK, this is the only color mode our printer will process. Other color modes may not produce the best results.


Beer Labels

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